Volunteer on Vacation in Hawaii for The Kipahulu Ohana

Kipahulu Ohana Volunteers working in the ancient taro farm.
Volunteers for the Kipahulu Ohana in East Maui Hawaii

The Kipahulu Ohana

The Kipahulu Ohana has been working for over a decade to restore a Hawaiian lifestyle and manage our traditional 'ahupua'a (watersheds) in East Maui, and to create a living history program for residents and visitors to experience the "ways of old" in Kipahulu. The Kipahulu Ohana works to manage the several watersheds of our region, including areas within Haleakala National Park through a cooperative agreement with the Park Service, using traditional Hawaiian land management principles, working with the knowledge of those who were born and raised on this land and whose ancestors have lived here for generations, complemented with modern scientific approaches and tools.

The Kipahulu Ohana maintains Kapahu Living Farm within Haleakala National Park, a 3-acre ancient taro farm restored to active production, providing poi and other traditional Hawaiian foods to the local community. They also do feral animal control fencing, invasive species removal, and other related projects to protect the native forest and watershed.

Lend a Hand: No set volunteer days, but several ongoing projects that can always use support. Because of this, they prefer to work with groups for volunteer projects, but are willing to accept individual or family volunteers as long as you are willing to make a significant volunteer contribution and/or make a financial donation to support the project [Editor's note: if you stay at the Hale Hookipa Maui bed and breakfast, you'll get a 5% discount on your stay, and an additional 5% of the cost of your stay will be donated to this cause]. At least a week advance notice is preferred.

Kipahulu Ohana
PO Box 454
Hana, HI 96713

Scott Crawford


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